A book about the 123 Swedes on the Titanic

Not My Time To Die - Titanic and the Swedes on board

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There are three compelling reasons for reading this important book:

1. Swedes made up the third largest ethnic group on the Titanic after the American and the British; yet, no book has been published about them outside of Sweden. 

2. Among the 705 survivors of the Titanic only 69 were third-class males—14 of them Swedish. Several of these young, strong, and healthy men fought for their lives in the 28-degree water. 

3. The survivor stories that were published in 1912 were almost exclusively told or written down by the rich and famous or members of the crew. Later books have only touched on the experiences of the third-class survivors. This book tells the first-hand stories of some twenty Swedish survivors, one traveling in first class, two in second, and the rest in third class. (Unless otherwise noted, the Titanic passengers in this book traveled in third class.)

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